About Me

IMG_20170812_224726_110I am a Certified Fitness Trainer living in Charlotte, North Carolina. Before becoming a trainer I bounced around from job-to-job always feeling like I didn’t belong in any of the spaces I ended up in. In college, I studied Fine Arts and Business because I couldn’t decide between the practical and the uncertain — fearing that I would not be able to get a job upon graduation — so, I settled for both. I dabbled in photography, painting, and writing, while pulling my hair out of boredom studying courses like accounting and organizational development. Whaaaaaat? Don’t get me wrong: I’m not complaining about the college opportunities that were afforded to me. I loved being a student and am forever grateful for my undergrad experience. However, if I’m being honest, I truly felt lost and confused by the pressure of having to decide on a major, always unsure of where I was headed and where I’d end up as a result. I wasn’t convinced that there was a specific niche I not only fully identified with, but one where I saw myself committing to for the long haul. It wasn’t until I lost my brother unexpectedly to suicide that I realized I needed to start being honest with MYSELF and figure out my purpose.

So, I turned to exercise. I sweat, pushed, pulled, and jumped all that pain and grief away. Everyday for at least 30 mins a day I showed up for myself and remembered how much I LOVE to workout and share my experiences doing so.  Exercising has always been something I’ve done when I felt restless, depressed or anxious, or like my mental health was suffering. Working out is my release. My remedy for whatever’s ailing me and is the one thing I continually come back to and reach for when I’m feeling lost. Ah ha! That’s it! For me, it’s fitness and all that goes along with it. I love everything about self-work, self-love, and self-care. Whether it’s researching new programs to put together, creating healthy recipes for clients, or digging into personal development and mindfulness techniques — I eat it up!

Here I am two years later, writing this blog, and doing work that moves me in ways I’ve never known before. Helping people achieve their own goals provides me with so much joy, gratitude, and leaves me feeling more fulfilled and deeply in touch with my purpose. My life’s work. Amen!

A lot of my work focuses on mindset and how that directly translates into (whether or not a) client’s showing up for themselves and being successful with their fitness and nutrition journey — whatever that may look like to them. Oftentimes I find that my clients are suffering from confidence issues and this inability to fully trust and love themselves; which keeps them from reaching realistic goals and living a full life. I work mostly with women between the ages of 25-65 one-on-one and in small group training.

For my own fitness routine, I enjoy weightlifting, HIIT, mat Pilates, yoga, and LOVE trying new things and seeing my body adapt under varied techniques. Currently, I do not follow any specific diets or track macros or deprive myself of the foods I love. Instead,  I intuitively eat. It’s a beautiful relationship to have with food. Luckily, I have a pretty good idea what my body requires throughout the day, and I ALWAYS eat when hungry. I will write more about this as I go so please come back to check in for more on that!


Natasha Pratt, BS, CFT